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High performance under stress

Published 6 months ago • 2 min read

Hi Reader,

Drive alone does not equip you for sustained success.

This was one of several quotes in Dr. Jannell MacAulay's TEDx Talks on high performance under stress and thriving in work and life.

I was curious to learn her perspective on establishing work-life harmony and avoiding burnout, especially given her roles and experiences as:

  • A USAF veteran, military leader, and combat pilot
  • Leadership and Human Performance consultant
  • High-performance mindset program creator
  • Military spouse
  • Mom of 2

Given my own fitness and academic backgrounds, I was also excited to see how her Masters in Kinesiology and PhD in Strategic Health and Human Performance presented in her work.

Her reflections on the fast forward, rewind, and play of an iPod, in comparison to our lives, and with the 1st 2 receiving greater attention and presence than the last, struck a note with me.

Mindfulness is sitting in play, in the present moment.

Mindfulness is a skill, supportive of our "muscle of attention," able to be developed, and like our physical muscles, needing of consistent exercise so as not to lose strength and effectiveness.

If you've "mind-wandered," where your focus jumps to your internal train of thought rather than items at hand (e.g. - reading this email), or to the tasks of our to-do lists, rather than the enjoyment of (some of) those activities, you may be curious to hear more of Dr. MacAuley's insight on limiting distractions and multi-tasking.

As an Organizational Change Consultant, I consider how often leaders, managers, and employees experience mind-wandering, as it tends to be that there's more on their personal and professional plates than a particular change project that represents only a small portion of their portfolio of responsibilities.

Dr. MacAuley's message speaks well to my belief that employee engagement is vital to effective change management. So, I'll be looking to apply the pearls of wisdom she's shared to my personal being and to my work to elicit improved employee engagement and sustainable change.

Curious to hear more from Dr. MacAuley?

Click here to watch her presentation, in case you don't see the image below.

video preview

How do you stay present?

A question for you - when you've caught yourself mind-wandering, what's one thing you've found helpful to return to focus?

In health,

David Bohmiller, MBA, MS (he/him/his)
Founder, CEO and Consulting Executive
Inevitabl LLC

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